Virtual Dating

It's quite obvious what you shouldn't do when you pick up a women at a bar. Don’t chase women with a ring on their finger. Don't try and use any sleazy pickup lines. And DO NOT gorp at her breasts when she talks to you, or if you really can't resist then try and be as discreet as possible and not get caught out! Online and mobile dating, nonetheless, is more refined. As a matter of fact, it might just be much easier to either excite or put off a possible partner virtually compared to actually doing it in person. We have reviewed games that will give you the opportunity to date some of the most attractive men and women ever. Enjoy hours of online and mobile flirting fun!

Online Games

Love is definitely in the air! Online dating games are incredibly popular and you have many to choose from. We review some of the most popular and sociable games where players can chat online to make new friends. For instance, IMVU offers a colourful virtual world you can create your avatar to your own specifications plus choose the clothes you want to wear, the accessories you would like it to use plus furnish your room in the style you prefer then explore around in order to meet other avatars and chat.

Create a Virtual Lover

Mobile Games

Love Life is one of these games that you can play on the go when you have an hour to kill. It's a Sims type format where players can create a virtual life that can be anything you like such as a socialite or a follower of celebrities. If shopping is your bag then you will love choosing your outfits from all the chic boutiques featured, while wearing the outfits and showing them off at a fab party simply rounds off the excitement.

Improve your Love Life